Mobile smart camera - Offline?


I’m looking to set up an old mobile phone as a network camera using the smart camera app. and I’ve run into a problem where the client appears as “offline”, so I was wondering if there’s a setting I’m missing perhaps?

I’ve started the server ok and then when I go into the client, or if I connect to the server from a browser, I get no image (remotely) or the test card (if I look in the client part of the application)

The phone in question is a Motorola G3

Hi Rory,

I am not sure if I follow your description completely, but use the app IP Webcam and add it to NCS as Android - IP webcam. Here is more info Netcam Studio Smart Camera- need help setting up


Hi Henrik,

thanks for getting back to me. So yeah I’m trying to follow those instrucitons, but the camera on the phone appears to be coming up as “offline”. I’ve uploaded a quick video of what it looks like on the client screen of the app. It shows offline and the test card in the client app flickers a bit…

Can you see the camera correct when you run NCS X (as a server)?

unfortunately not. If I try adding the camera in the server program it says it can’t connect to the video source

and if I try viewing in a browser I get to the service ok but the image just shows as broken (I’d post a screenshot, but I can only do one per post apparently :slight_smile: ).

It looks like the program isn’t able to access the android camera, which is why I was wondering if there was perhaps a permission I’d need to add to teh device or something lik that…

For me it works very well.

When you start the app you get into the setupo interface. At the bottom you start server.
Cab you connect from a browser?

So in a browser I just get a “broken image” like this

Sounds like it may not like the phone/ Version of android that I’m using?

I don´t think you have the correct app. it is called IP Webcam. It is not from Moonware / NCS since that one have some problems…

Or if you want to use the on in you post Brand is Netcam Studio and Model is Smartcam.

oh I see yeah I was using the NCS one, although I did notice the IP Webcam one as well…

FWIW I managed to fix the problem, the moonware app doesn’t ask for camera permissions by default, but if you go into settings manually and grant the permission for the camera it starts working.

thanks for the help.



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Also to connect it in netcam studio there is a template Brand: Netcam Studio Model: Smart Camera, you cannot use the Android IP Webcam template to use Netcam Studio Smart Camera

@Henrik: Maybe stop promoting 3rd party app when when have our own :wink:

Yes, if you make it work! We have had this discussion before.
And thats the info I wrote in my last post.