Mobile web client - UI issues on playback

During playback of videos from my library (gallery mode), another video will begin playing when I close the first video. This is related to the video pop-up’s “X” (to close) overlay on the gallery. If you’re at the top of the gallery, pressing the “X” may take you into a different section (e.g. - event viewer) or do nothing. However, if you are further down in the gallery view, it will almost always open a new video (whichever one is behind the “X”).

The mobile app resolves the issue, but this is still a rather annoying bug in the mobile web client. This is the mobile web client available at server:8100 and not the “mobile version” at the bottom of that page.

Mobile phone: iPhone 6 using Safari

I’ve been able to reproduce the issue. Since I always use the official app on iPhone and not the client, I have never noticed. Will see if it’s something that can be fixed easily…