Model Ycam Cameras MPG4 will not stream

Will not stream in template but will stream when address to camera is put into RAW field. Only issue with this is when computer reboots
this information reverts back to template and address is gone.

Hi Bill!
I checked the templates for Ycam and non of them have MPG4. Which is the RAW field? What URL do you use? Sorry, but I need a little bit more info what you do ;). Also which Ycam.

SD Black and also an HD Bullet y cam Models
Ive got them working with http:// (local IP)(port):stream.jpg
and all is well until computer reboots it looses the RAW info and template is selected when I go back to Source settings of camera.
I have Start with windows selected and another cam I have which does use template begins right away it is not a YCam
they are streaming by HTML to a customers website but customer calls me every time his computer reboots to re-input info for cameras.
tried to show him how to do it but gets confusing fo average Joe which doesnt deal with this kinda stuff.

OK. I still don´t know what you mean by RAW. However, it might solve your problem by downloading and install the Moonware Universal Source Filter 4.6 at With that filter you can connect “everything” . Don´t forget to install the requirements.
Install the filter and open webcam7 and there you find it under

and configuration under Source settings.
You might need to restart webcam7

Here is more info how to use it


These are IP Cameras if you right click on black screen under monitor and go to source setting it brings up window for setting RAW stream or use template this is where I have been inputting this info .
Thanks for responding.

Thanks, now I see it. Yes, strange that it goes back to template. Seem like it is not stored correct? Check if the new one above works better.
I assume you put everything in the Raw URL field and mark that button and nothing below that.
Has it to do with licensing. I see that it is licensed to Moonware studios?

Yes been I set stream in Raw url and all works fine until computer reboots then as you see Template is chosen in this example
I am not at customers site right now but this is to let you see where I was inputing.
Customer has had WebcamXP 7 Pro for over a month now and is licensed.

OK, strange … Test the new filter and see if that works better. Can your customer have some antivirus prg installed that blocks from saving? Antivirus prg have created problem before for webcam7 Problem while starting webcam 7 - antivirus prg blocket the start


What you see is free version on my computer his is fully bought and paid for I just use this one fro testing purposes but did find out you will not see this screen until you add some type of IP cam then bypass test click ok and then right click on black screen in monitor.

I will check on last post from you about Antivirus on his computer thanks