Moonware Universal Source crashes Server

I downloaded the free version of NetcamStudio to test it and find out whether it can replace my webcamXP.
However, when I inset a “special camera” - Moonware Universal Souce, it will immediately crash the server (I did send in the error report).

And the server can NOT be easily started again (because the faulty camera is still active in it) - so one has to ignore the crash message and disconnect the camera before one allows the software to shut down…!?

This is very unsatisfying.

Hi Ralf,
Thanks for info. However, I m very interested in how you get this crash. When you add a camera to NCS you do that by using one of the four red marked tabs:

For an IP cam use one of the first three tabs. For a usb cam use the Webcam tab. In NCS the Universal Source Filter is already in the software.
A crash is never good so thanks for reporting.


Thanks for reporting this. As both products (Netcam Studio and the Universal Source filter) are our products it shouldn’t be too complicated to understand where it comes from.

I actually didn’t try recently the filter with Netcam Studio as in theory it makes no sense to use the filter in Netcam Studio (all that can be connected through the filter can be connected directly to netcam studio).

Anyway i’ve managed to reproduce the problem, it’s actually the filter that crashes and not Netcam Studio but when one dies the other does too…

Hi, Henrik.

Here are the steps to reproduce that behaviour:

Basically, I installed the filter because I wanted to use the RTSP-camera together with my webcamXP license, so it IS on my machine, and it is offered by NCS:

As soon as I select that camera and hit the “Ok” mark, the software immediately crashes:

(I once again send the according error report at 2017-06-08 10-26 GMT+2.)

After that, NCS will be closed. And the real problem is: When I start NCS again, it crashes again right away - during startup. So a “normal user” assuming that he has to answer that dialog has no chance to repair that :frowning:

What I can do, however, is to ignore the message/dialog, go into NCS select the faulty camera and disconnect it.

Sometimes, this will hang or crash NCS again, but after some attempts, it finally will succeed :-o … luckily.

So, I suggest that you either (best case) repair the filter or (as a workaround) prevent that NCS can see it.