More than 64 Sources


We are planning on purchasing a 64-source License. With just the cameras we have here I will fill up about 35 sources at installation and there are multiple installations planned. Odds are we will go over 64 quite easily.

I am wondering what would happen if I am to go over 64 Sources? Is there a license for that? Can I add another 64 (to theoretically give me 128 sources)?


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After connecting more than 64 sources they will just be stamped with unregistered source message. There is no limitation in connecting more however no such license at this time.

Running 64-Sources will already require a pretty powerful system, therefore it’s suggested to split the workload on different machines (maybe even before reaching 64)

You can make tests, connect more than 64 and see if it really matches your needs, in which case we may consider unlocking more licenses on a single computer but I have doubts at this time.

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Is there support for having a client display sources from multiple servers (without having multiple clients open?)

No but it’s part of what will be possible using NCS Central through the web interface once it will be opened to public.