Motion config question

So I’m having issues getting my motion configured to work the way I would like it to. I have it configured to where it detects motion properly, but the issue is that it is cutting off the recordings while the motion is still still happening. It seems to be working off a set time rather than the motion itself, almost all of my motion clips are 14 seconds in length. My settings are as follows:

Algorithm - Frame Difference
Motion Display - Area
Sensibility - High
Threshold - 4
Frame Interval - 200 miliseconds
Trig Duration - 10 seconds

I’m guessing if I bump the Trig Duration up some it will record longer, is that correct? But isn’t it possible to have it simply record until the motion stops instead of just a set amount of time? I thought that was how motion detection worked? I thought you set a pre-buffer and post-buffer and it records that long before and after the motion? Any help with my settings is greatly appreciated!

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There is indeed a pre-buffer of 50 frame so approx 2 seconds. Recording will start from 2 seconds before the motion occurs.

The the trig duration will continue recording 10 seconds after the motion ends, this prevents from stoping if motion stops just for 2-3 seconds and restart. This can be adjusted accordingly to your needs.

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Good reply. I was sort of asking for this pre-buffer in an earlier question, but now I know that it is 50 frames and stored and that is why I have a lot of recordings for about 12,8 seconds. However, if there is a another trigger after 8 seconds. Will it stops recording after 2 seconds (8+2=10 seconds) or will it stops after 8+10 seconds?

  • if I set Trig Duration to very very long, infinity, that will be the same as continuous recording?
  • if I set Trig Duration = 0 the recording will be just as long as MD-bar is red in the upper left/right corner?
  • if I set Trig Duration = 120 seconds and maximum file length before saving to 2 minutes and there is only one trigg I will have 2 files?

I hope you can answer my questions ;). I think this name Trig Duration is a little bit confusing, maybe ;),
Regards, Henrik.

It will again wait for 8 seconds without any motion before stopping the recording.

Trig duration 0 will stop reording directly as soon as no motion (and restart a new file as soon as new motion occurs).

The file length should not conflict with this, if needed it will split the movies into different files based on file length setting.

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So I’m having a similar issue. The videos will record for different lengths of time however it will only show movement on the video for a small portion of the recorded length. Almost like the video freezes during recording or something. I have also noticed it only does this on one camera.

Any ideas?

Hi! This is tricky ;). It can be related to the camera or to the software. I assume that you have checked the camera. Here are some ideas:

  • if you disconnect the cam is the problem moved to another camera or is it gone?
  • if you change channel (from #0 to let say #4) for that camera do the problem follow the camera or the channel?
  • is the problem when you play the video from inside NCS or can you play the whole video when you play the video directly from the folder?

I have several NCS running on different systems and on one system the video is interrupted about half way when I play it from NCS, but not when I play it from the folder. On another system there are no problems with this. People from Moonware have checked on this, but nothing consistent so far. For me it seems to be more related to my own computer system. Please, report back with your results if you continue. -Henrik

The problem persists on both of the cameras, and neither are wireless. The issue happens no matter how I play the video. I have however found that using the timelapse feature yields better quality and does not freeze up. I can set the number of pictures per millisecond high enough that the image moves almost in realtime. With no sacrifice in quality that I can notice. Now my issue has moved to being able to control the maximum length of the timelapse video being recorded, and why my email notifications have suddenly stopped…

I’ve been having the same issue, haven’t been able to figure out how to correct it. I have video clips usually ranging in the 30-35 second range according to NetCam, but when they play in VLC they are reported as a minute or longer, but only the 30-35 seconds play. In most cases the video stops playing right in the middle of the motion (somebody walking up my sidewalk, etc.)…The video doesn’t actually “stop” it just sort of locks up at that point.

I’ve tried pulling the actual video file off and playing it on multiple different computers with the same results.

@3fingersalute @AgentJeffy are you using windows 10? First it was NCS service that did not start automatically and now … I am trying to reproduce what you are doing above, but NCS will not work properly. NCS is not supported on win 10 for the moment.

No this is happening on Windows 8.