Motion detect -> window come to front


How can I configure Netcam Studio to set the window in front when motion detection is triggered?

Hi Alfred and welcome to the forum!
I think I understand what you mean. When motion is triggered for a cam that camera video should be moved to front. That feature we do not have. I assume that you have one camera or maybe two and not so many MD triggers? For example, I have 20 cams in a system all in MD and have several MD per second. However, to find out which cam that have triggered you can send an email and you can also send a push message to the app in your cell phone.

Can I start a simple batch file to do this?? I only need to bring netcam to the front not a peticular cam window

In the Rule manager when MotionStart you can have an action RunApp. There you should be able to start a batch file. That works only when NCS X is running.

Could finally someone post a little script, that can bring a window to the forground?

Many ways with a search. Maybe this one ?

NCS is already running. No need to start another instance…

I have already done an intensive search.

It is said, that this could work:
Dim ObjShell
Set ObjShell = CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”)
ObjShell.SendKeys “(% ) w”

BUT: Microsoft has restricted the use of Sendkeys to control third party apps (like NCS!)

WHY can the developer not put a simple option in his software that can bring NCS to front in case of MD??

Well, so far you have not really explained why that is so important for you and would be a selling option for NCS. We have a list with suggestions from the users and if more users are interested it might be a feature in a future release.