Motion detection and e-mail in WebcamXP


I’m trying to make motion detection work with e-mail notification. The problem is that it will try to attach about 20 images to the e-mail message. My e-mail server doesn’t like that. Can anyone tel me how to configure/fix this?



By default there is a settings so that it sends maximum 1 email every 2 minutes (and attach all the new alerts). In term of attaching pictures there is a limit of 5 or 6 thumbnails per email I think.

If you reduce this setting It will send more frequently but will less content.


I have more info after investigating. I’m getting Socket Error # 10053 when sending a JPG file. When I put a TXT file in the queue I have no issues.


Try to sign a free gmail account for sending emails. Several users use Gmail to send their alerts.


Found the issue I had TLS/SSL enabled. It doesn’t allow for certain attachments send with e-mail.
Thanks for the help, this issue is closed.