Motion detection - API


as I saw in some other postings, that it is possible to enable/disable the motion detection via the API, but is there as well possibility to get a true/false if the motion sensor detects a motion?

The idea I have is, when a motion on a special source is detected I want to get the picture of the source for my tool. The first part to get a picture via the API is already available and work great, but now I need to find out if there is a motion in the source or not.


Hi Scuby,
Here is all about webAPI


this I already read, but I cannot detect something regarding a function which indicates if a motion was detected or not. Only the motion graph, but I do not find a description what this mean.

Hm, yes that is cryptic. Motion graph is the bar graph that goes red when motion is triggered. Since this is a GET command it will not help. However, in the Rules there are several actions that can be set when motion is triggered. Maybe something?


I got it now via the rules and http request on event. This is now the other way round and will work, but anyway this function in the API would be nice :wink:

If in API it must be an active function that is always enabled and take resources so I am not sure I agree here. The http request is used a lot to communicate with users home security system so been in Rules gives it a good visibility.
However, happy it works!