Motion detection for water drops

I already read your article Difference between sensibility and threshold - #20 by Remi_Leonhardsen.

I have water infiltration on my ceiling (intermittently). I have an idea where but I don’t know how water comes in.

I anticipate that it will be a few drops of water from time to time or some sort of water condensation.
So the object should be very mall ( water drops one at at time every few seconds or so - not a flow ) ;
if it’s water condensation, then the movement would be very slow and the distant should short ( I think )

I put a camera in my attics with the following setup for motion detection

  • Motion Algorithm : FrameDifference
  • Motion Sensibility : Very High

All other parameters are set as default

Is there any other parameters I sould modify accordingly ? Any suggestion ?


Interesting application and tricky. Test other algorithms like blob detection. I assume the camera will cover a large area which makes a drop very small and will cover only a few pixels on the sensor. Can you either use more caneras or cover only a part of the celling at a time?
I would also generate waterdrops manually to simulate the process so you can adjust parameters for best result. To see what’s going on you can do a right-click on the video, go down to View and select motion. Now there will be an overlay on the video where it is indicated how the motion is detected.


I don’t have additional cameras at the moment.

I tried Blob detection, FrameDifference and Background Modeling with Very High Sensibility.

Water did come in yesterday but unfortunately it did not trigger any alarm with neither one. It was about 1 drop of water / second. At one point there was quite some water on the ceiling, and yet it did not trigger any alarm. The image of the ceiling is very different when it’s wet. I presume that because the change progressed slowly that’s why it could detect the motion.

Thanks for your suggestions