Motion Detection Problem

Im new to this …but I set up motion detection on several cameras and don’t get any video in the library after motion…The cameras with motion detection are surrounded in yellow .but no video…I have right clicked on the image…configured features and set up motion by clicking to put it on.

Obviously Im missing something…appreciate any guidance.

Hi Nick,
I am trying to figure out how it looks for you. It would help if you can post a image of what you have. But I think it might looks like this. This camera is on motion detection with the yellow frame and you have the video. In your case you have the yellow frame, but no video? If you get the yellow frame NCS have a connection with the camera and receives a video stream, but the camera do not deliver an image. To have MD to work it must have a video image to work. Therefore, you have no videos in the Library.

Is it the same for all cameras. You have the yellow frame, but no video?
As I see it now the problem is not MD, but to get the video from the camera. We have had discussion earlier so this have been working before?
You need to give me more info to work with.


Image is attached…problem is that I don’t get any video.when I go to library there is nothing there…but if I record the image library will show the recorded image.

Hope I am clear in defining the problem.

Thank for your help

Ok, so It looks like as in my picture above, yellow frame and video. And if you manually record a video from the camera the recording is in the Library. This is how the default config for MD is for me. The Signal bar position is by default Hidden. Make that visible and put it somewhere in the image. The signal bar goes to red when MD is triggered and a recording start. Check so that happens. If that happens the video should appear in the Library list. Look in the Event logs and see that you have green icons on recordings. If the icons are red it is a problem.

You can also check in the Library folder on the disk if there are MD files there or not.

Ok…this is the errors I have in my event logs…and I have motion enabled for several cameras and the same entry for each

Exception while pre-connecting to
Exception Detail:The operation has timed out

Disregard that event exception…I don’t think that has anything to do with my motion problem. I had a camera that was offline and it was trying to reconnect.

At this point I would like to delete the event log and start from scratch…how to do I do that?

FYI when there is motion I do see the red bar flashing however no video…If I click to record it records fine and video is in the library.


Apparently my problem was in rulemaking…somehow recording on motion was unchecked.
Not sure how that happened but I checked it and all is well…

Many thanks for your help.

Excellent, just a small detail :slight_smile:

Good luck,

So true…Thanks again…now working on how to hone in on sensitivity on outdoor cams…window blowing and shadows seem to trigger motion.

That is a challenge. I wrote a little about this if it can help.