Motion Detection recordings green - with some shadows

I am seeing green recordings with some shadows and movement when motion detection recordings are triggered.

I have attempted


and get similar results. The thumbnail appears fine as does the live preview, but video playback is a green screen.

I am able to replicate by initiating a manual recording on this camera.

Interestingly, does not appear to happen at night when it is using infra-red (Black and white) recording?

Camera: Concord 4k IP Camera
Resolution: 4k

Most likely the encoder need more cpu power. Test this by lower the camera resolution and/or recorded FPS in the Settings-Recording. In the tab for Encoding set the Multithreading to Auto. If the camera use h.265 for compression change to h.264 that will use less cpu power. If you have a cpu with a built in GPU set hardware acceleration in tab Encoding.