Motion Detection records a single frame

I just finished setting up six different cameras with my Studio X and when it records motion, it only records a single frame for the duration of the recording. So the recording could be 20 seconds or 1 minute, but all of them only record a single frame video that spans that entire time. All the cameras are different models so I’m assuming it’s a setting in the app that I need to modify?

Hi Ted!
Always something ;). Since it behaves the same for all cameras it must be something central as you say. I sounds like you watch the thumbnail, but it is not of cause ;). If you check the Event logs is it all green icons or do you get any red error messages? If you check the actual files in the recordings folder where the files are stored are they some KB only or are they MB? In the configuration of motion detection for each camera the setting of Trig duration is about 10 sec?

Hi Henrik!
Thanks for responding. Trig Duration is set to 10 seconds and all the output files are in the MB range. This is what is strange. Anywhere from 3mb to 25mb and lengths from 0:08 seconds to 1:28.
No errors in the event log either.

I had a hunch that it was the media player being used. As I’ve been using VLC Media player. So I opened with windows media player and it will play fine untill I scroll, then it freezes the playback. So I can playback video with Windows media player as long as I don’t touch the scroll bar. Any thought to why that is? Codec?
I’m using the H264_AAC encoder in the ‘Live Video Stream Encoder’. Which, to my knowledge is a standard format.

OK. Then it is not a problem with NCS. Then it seems to be a problem with VLC. VLC is the 64 bit version? The scroll bar works fine in VLC.

You can also do this. Connect to NCS from the web interface http://ncs-ipnumber:8100. There you should see live video from cams and also play from Library. If that works. Then again NCS works and it must be VLC. Remove and install again.