Motion detection sensitivity and threshold value

Hi there ! :slight_smile:

I recently bought an outdoor IP camera and installed Netcam Studio 1.1.0 RC2 to use it as a surveillance software.
I read the doc and configured the motion detection and zones, with the sensitivity set at very low.
I use the background modeling algorithm.

But it’s still too sensitive and I’ve got a lot of unwanted recordings such as flying insects and even rain sometimes.
The doc mentions a threshold parameter but I don’t know what value I should put. I don’t know what is the min value and what is the max to test which one fits the best. It’s set at default at the moment.

Also, is it possible to ignore detections shorter than, let’s say, 3 seconds? That could solve the problem too.

Sorry if my questions sound stupid to you, but I’m totally new to surveillance softwares. :slight_smile:

And thank you for this awesome software!


Threshold level means minimum motion level in % to trigger alert. So, it’s value range is 0-100. Something more than 50 is unlikey I think, try setting 5 to 10.
As for ignoring shorter detections - look at “TrigDuration” setting in motion detection section of camera plugin settings. It’s exactly what you need - time in seconds to trigger alert when motion is above threshold.
Thank you!

So I put the threshold value that you recommended, and tonight I didn’t had any unwanted detection!
Looks like the problem is solved.

Thank you for your help sir!
I’m definitely keeping this soft. :smile: