Motion detection zone screen shading

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I can’t find the search feature!

Anyway, I’m reading the User Manual and on page 23 it discusses setting the motion detection zone by clicking and dragging an area. Well I have done this. But my motion detection recordings are not optimal…and there are a ton of them, making it nearly useless.

After reading this documentation I’m wondering if my shading is backwards. But the documentation doesn’t really clear it up for me, since it shows both ways (via inverting). So maybe I have it set to detect motion in the trees and not in the driveway area!

So…can someone clear this up and tell me what color the area should be that I want to detect motion in? Bright and clear area, or shaded dark area?!!


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Hi Gunn!
The sensing area (motion detecting area) is the non-masked (transparent/bright and clear) area. The masked/black (shaded dark) area is the non-sensing area.


Thank you Henrik, that obviously makes sense that the non-sensing area is masked/blacked out, but I just wanted to eliminate that as an issue!