Motion detection zones by schedule

This is something I haven’t seen in any of the surveillance software I’ve tried, and would be very useful to me.

As an example, I have one of my cameras pointed on my driveway/gate to the back yard. During the day, my detection zone works great, as it captures anyone pulling into my driveway or walking up to my gate, but it excludes the actual road in the scene so NCS doesn’t record every time a car drives by.

But, once it’s dark outside, things like car headlights or reflections of headlights cause NCS to record every time someone drives by.

The ability to set it to say, from 7am-10pm, I want this motion zone detected, then from 10pm-7am, I want this other detection zone would be pretty cool.

Hi! Yes, interesting feature and an interesting technical challenge. I was exploring if this is possible with an existing cam. Depending on the cam they can deliver 2 streams. If you add the camera 2 times, but with different streams then you can set the sensing area and schedule for different hours … Yes, you get two instead of one video and use 2 license also, but … If it works, no ides, just exploring ;). I am probably missing something on a Sunday afternoon.

I actually tried this now, and it works. I haven’t tested for motion detection yet but it probably would work.

The one on the left is JPEG and on the right is MPEG4, I’m using Sony SNC-XM631.

Hi Miki! Thanks for testing! This was just and idea and it was nice that it works!.
You are the “new” guy here I understand. Welcome and looking forward to do great things together ;).

Thanks for the responses, both of you :slight_smile:

I was imagining more of a programmatic thing like:

From TimeX to TimeY - DetectionArray = foo
From TimeY to TimeX - DetectionArray = bar

But, my programming skills are amateurish and just enough to be dangerous lol

The idea you came up with is interesting so I started looking into it, but it looks like only some of my cameras have the ability to provide a sub-stream. And, of the ones that do have a sub-stream, it looks like some of the sub-streams are limited to very low resolutions.

The other thought I had was, wouldn’t adding a camera twice also double the LAN bandwidth and processing power requirement for that camera?

Anyway, thanks for brainstorming on it, as I think it’s interesting. The responses in this community are one of the big reasons I’ll be moving full time to using the paid version of NCS soon.

For an implementation I agree with you. And yes my idea have certainly more drawbacks with double BW, double cpu load … However, I like you last paragraph. That might double my salary ;),. Thanks and see you in the forum!

Thanks for the welcoming Henrik, I’m looking forward for all the testing and exploring, it’s going to be great.
Anyway Motion detection with schedule is on hold for now since I had some other things to attend to, but I will try it. About the CPU and the bandwidth your were right it is doubled, you can see it on the LAN, not to mention viewing it Remotely. It would be Slow Motion Detection ;).