Motion subject in thumbnail, but not in recording


today I noticed something realy strange. At 11:18 the mailman stopped by. In the thumbnail you can see the mailman at the mailbox. When I open the recording, there is no mailman :). It looks like the recording is from right after, or right before the motion. I took a look at the other recordings, but the motion is not recorded…

These are the settings:

everything is a detection zone.

If desired, I can send you the thumbnail & recording


It´s always a first for everythingl ;).
The settings are normal. The recorded file should contain about 2 sec. before motion detection is triggered and then 10 seconds or longer depending if the motion is triggered again. In the Event log you can see how long time it takes for the recording to start after the motion is triggered. It is usually 5-10 msec. The only reason for this behavior I can think about is if the system is extremely overloaded and therefore is delayed … Maybe you need to check the complete chain from camera - connection - computer - NCS to find what might causing this.

If the recording is before the motion is triggered it would be a mailman working at the speed of light ;). I am sorry, but my best suggestion for the moment is to check the link from camera to recording to see if something is causing this delay. In the Schedule do you use only motion detection or is it also continuos recording or … If that can cause a conflict?



Recording takes usually around 15ms, sometimes a peak to 3-400ms or 1000ms. But since it takes about 15-20 seconds min to enter the detection area, and leave it, I would at least see the mailman. My mailman is not The Flash :).
The system is loaded for 40-60% cpu with +/- 200mb ram in use.

I don’t have continuous recording turned on.

You seems to be the only one with this problem. I don´t see it my any of my systems. What tests have done trying to isolate the problem?

Hi Henrik,

I am not sure what tests you expect me to do? From my end there is little more I can troubleshoot I believe.

Frankly, I have no idea for the moment what is going on more than the classical one for restart … I am out of office and back on Saturday when I can continue. But, was this a one timer or can you recreate this by being the mail man and it behaves the same every time?
If you check the video on the screen and someone pass the camera it will be a delay, but if you check the signal bar it will go red and start recording when the object pass the camera? Then check the recording and compare. The motion sensibility is set to high. Change that to Normal and see what is happening.