Motorola MBP85 Connect (also Focus 85) general support

Hi, I’m trying to see if I can get pan / tilt support for the webcam Motorola MBP85 Connect.
I don’t see Motorola as a vendor, however I have managed to get the rtsp stream out of it following this website: Motorola Focus hack
It’s possible to run commands: /?action=command&command= <command_here>
and these should be the commands to move in each direction:


I know that other software products, if I can mention one iSpy, offer the profile for the webcam and some automatic configuration.
However I love Netcam and I would like to configure well this cam.
Amazon link here Amazon

Thank you in advance! :smile:

Hi! Excellent you found the rtsp URL which is tricky sometimes. To get the PTZ to work usually needs some extra care and programming so I have to forward that to our expert @admin. I like Netcam also for many things and especially for its stability so we keep in the family ;).

Hi Henrik and @admins! Wondering if there’s any update regarding adding support for my cam.
Could you please let me know?:slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hi! To be honest, now. Baby cams are getting quite popular and no one seems to like the software that the cams comes with so here we are ;). So here is a little homework for you ;).
The specifications for the camera really don’t say that much. Is this the URL you use:
Do you also get audio?

Have you tested to run these commands in a browser to see if they works?


and then add 9.9 to move max in any direction (e.g. move_left9.9)


Hi Henrik,

Thank you for your reply!

I’m actually using this string: rtsp://x:x@192.168.x.x:6667/blinkhd with NetCam and I can confirm I’m getting both audio and video out of it.

I haven’t tested the commands myself, but I have found them in a post that I have mentioned in my first message, therefore I’m assuming they’re working.
I can double check, if needed :slight_smile:

Everything is working fine, just looking to moving the cam too :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Excellent! Yes please, can you confirm that the commands are working. Otherwise, I need to have access to the cam from my place. If it works I can make a template to be implemented ASAP. I am a bit new to PTZ in templates so maybe maybe I must have access to the cam anyway. I let you know ;).

I’ll test them tonight and I will let you know.
If you need access to the cam, I can do that too.
By the way, it’s not urgent at all :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Thanks! It´s now or never … ;).

Sorry, a question for clarity:
move_backward is that the same as up or down
move_forward is that the same as up or down


That’s an interesting question. I think backward should point the cam upper while forward should point the cam downer, but again I didn’t test it yet :slight_smile: