Move NetcamStudio to a new PC

how can i move my netcamStudio on a new Computer ?
My old PC is not verry good, and i have buy a new PC.

thanks for your Help

Hi Klaus! If you have a licensed version contact NCS using the contact form on the support page. The license number is locked to the computer hardware so they must release the license. The you can enter the license number on the new computer.
Install NCS on the new computer. The best way is to add the cameras again in the same order as on the old computer. If you have many cameras maybe that can be solved in another way. If you want to keep the old video files copy the folder with the recorded files to the new computer. In the setup of NCS and Library you can set the folder where all the old files are located and the new ones will be stored. NCS will now start to reindex all these files into its Library. That should be all!