Moving sources around

Hi. How do I move sources around to re-order them in the multi source display in Netcam Studio?

anyone? I had to disconnect an IP camera in Netcam Studio that was in the top left. When I added the replacement camera it automatically was put in the bottom right after the last source I added. I have my cameras setup to circle around my house then go inside. The camera I added is an outdoor camera and is not in “the right place” according to my method. How can I move it back to the top left? thanks!

There a way using Netcam Studio Client (not X). Under the settings tab there is an option “Sources reordering” which allows to drag & drop to change the order of the sources.

thanks. I tried that option and it works inside client but not when viewing externally. Is there any way to move sources in X to be reflected in the web GUI remotely?

cancel that! once I closed client it saved and updated remotely. PERFECT! Thanks again.