Multi-channel analog to ip encoder

Looking at NCS to replace a failing DVR that has 12 analog cameras - does NCS support any analog to ip encoders like Axis 7104 or Hanwah SPE-1610?

Excellent question. Yes, Netcam Studio can connect to these devices.

Actually for Hanwah SPE-1610 the specification say that it support the ONVIF standard. So when adding this to NCS use the tab for ONVIF Source and click on Browse and it should be in the list. If not I found this
where you have the URL rtsp to be used in the tab for Custom URL.

For Axis m7104 according to the specifications it also support ONVIF so use the tab for ONVIF Source as above. If that do not work use the tab for Custom URL and rtsp. Axis have very good documentation where this can be found.

If using the tab for Custom URL set stream type to rtsp_tcp. Address is of the form