Multi view single selection

While displaying multi view 16 or however many cameras. When you click on an individual camera, the view changes to that selected camera.

Although the zoom in / out with the wheel is a great function.
Is there a reason why we are not using all the available space to display that single camera, I see no need for the BIG black border around the image for other than aspect ratio, which is currently NOT the case.

I think we are more interested in full functionality over aesthetics.

The size of the image depends on the resolution set in the camera. Low resolution result in a small image with a lot of black around. High res large image. Up-scaling a low res image will result in poor quality. Change resolution in the camera and you can see what happens.

Well, then all my cameras appear to low res… I am still going thru the change from 20+ year old composite to IP… I have 1 camera that is 2mp , 720p and it shows as all do… lots of black…

I feel the writers went to the trouble installing the zoom feature with the wheel, which results in the same small image, made LARGER, but still low quality image as you said. in my opinion a lower quality BIG image is still better than a lower quality small image. There is space available to increase the size of all individual camera views, no matter what the resolution of the camera is, so why not use it. The larger image hurts no one… If it’s that much of a problem, then allow the choice in the software setup… (fill the space or don’t fill the space).

Also if actual up-scaling was used (as DVD players & TVs) the image would be so good, you couldn’t tell the difference…

I sort of agree :slight_smile: I forward this to our developers to see if it can be improved.