Multiple EasyCam capture devices - how to get them all working on one machine?

Hi there - I have been a WebcamXP/7 user for many years now and I’ve run into a problem that I cannot seem to resolve. In the past I’ve used workstations with capture cards and used different kinds. I am now running on a powerful laptop and using USB-only interfaces for capture. While I can see the different capture devices in Webcam7, I cannot assign more than one of the sources to a capture window. All the devices are the same - they are EasyCap USB capture devices.

Please help! We use these for monitoring our pregnant horses and my wife is quite upset that I haven’t gotten things running yet this year!

Thanks everyone!


Hi Michael,
I am not sure if I follow, but when Webcam 7 is running you can see all the cameras in the tab for Monitor? If you use the web client can you see all the cameras? How many cameras?

I can see all of the sources when I go to assign one to a particular window within Webcam 7. Three of them look like “USB to AV 2.0.” The devices themselves might vary a bit in age, but they are all the same basically and using what appears to be the same onboard chip. At this point, we are not talking about the web client; this is strictly looking at it from the monitor machine (i.e., where Webcam 7 is actually running.) I have four cameras - three are these Easy Cap devices I have mentioned and one is a network streaming camera (which works just fine.) Does that clarify matters? Thanks!

Thanks for additional info. Most likely it is a problem with the driver for the USB devices. I would like the be sure that each USB device works correct. Connect only one USB device at a time to the laptop and connect it to webcam7. Do that for all 3. If that works all the 3 USB devices work correct separately.
I am not sure what happens when you try to connect 2 USB devices, but do that. Exit webcam and start again. Better?
If possible decrease the resolution for each camera in Settings. Better?

That’s what i have just now.