Multiple languages?

Hi guys! Excellent software!!
I see that the mobile app is translated into many languages. How about the Web client and the rest as well. I am very interested to have the Netcam Studio in Brazilian Portuguese since I am doing work for Brazilians and this software is very suited for that market, i.e. easy to setup and use and very reasonable in price.
Regards, Henrik

Hi Henrik!
It’s being translated, but I don’t know exactly when it will be finished.
Read the news here.
Thank you!

Thank you, excellent!!

Hi again! Just during the last days we have had a couple of incidents in the reception of our Pousada where we have proven the customers that they have received their documents from the receptionist. The whole system is not ready yet and we are installing more cameras and a new LAN. It turns out that the staff likes the software a lot and they can easily navigate in it. However, their language is Brazilian Portuguese. Therefore, I am very interested to have a translation of the NCS or at least the web client into Brasilian Portuguese. If I get some guidance how to do this I can contribute with this to the NCS (if it is not a very big project :)). I asked this also in April and got the answer that it is in the pipeline. However, nothing about finishing date. Best Regards, Henrik

No we do not commit on dates for things that we don’t know ourselves. It’s indeed in the pipeline and ongoing for the Windows Client however with low priority because we progress on this when we have time.

The web client’s sources are here and therefore can be modified by anyone interested into:

It’s mainly the files in the tpl folder the correspond to the ui and would need to be modified.

Thank you very much for your information! Good to know that it is not just around the corner ;). So, I might do a little bit of hacking on my own then ;).