Multiple Monitor Layout

This may have been answered but I’ve searched and can’t find it.

I currently use netcam studio on a pc, it boots up, loads netcam studio, then I take the image full screen with a matrix loaded, click the full screen button, and end up with, for example cameras 1-6 on monitor one, and 7 through 12 on monitor 2.

Is it possible via scripting or xml or whatever to create templates for the monitors? If I added another video card for example, could I have cameras 1-4 on monitor 1, camera 5 full frame on monitor 2 and cameras 1-16 on monitor 3?

Thanks for your guidance on this.

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Sorry no scripting is possible. I doubt that adding another graphics card would do that since the application itself is not written for that, but I am not sure. But a good suggestion for the future.
However, if it is only viewing, one way might be to use the built in web server and customise web pages with streaming video from the cameras. Then open several browser windows on the different monitors? The root directory for the web server is C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio - 64-bit\WebServer
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