Multiple Netcam Studio X - Port redirection problem

OK, I’ve got 2 PC’s with USB cameras.
I’ve installed Netcam Studio on each.
I can connect to each from within the home network, and everything works fine.

I’ve forwarded ports on my router to enable access from external.
External ports 8100 & 8124 are redirected to same internal ports of PC1.
External ports 8101 & 8125 are redirected to the internal ports 8100 & 8124 of PC2.

Problem is I can’t connect to the stream from PC2 from external, it just gives me the stream from PC1 instead.

I’ve tried changing the ports on which the server runs on in the config file, but still no luck.


Hello Mikes,

You don’t need to setup forwarding anymore to port 8124.

It was too complicated when Netcam Studio was using 2 ports so since a couple of versions, the Web Services that are on port 8124 are also available through the HTTP Server on port 8100.

So 8100 is the only port you need to forward anything to.

Did you perform all those steps before forwarding (setting static ip, etc…):

Then, it shouldn’t be needed but in case try to change the PC2 so that internally already it uses port 8101, most routers allows to have ExternalIP:8101 to forward to InternalPC2:8100

I had same problem, with IP cam Viewer on IOS. All set like you, in app selected cam type “NetCam Studio server” and filled JSON port 810x (depend on manual change in NetcamStudio.Service.exe.config) but gives me the stream from another server with 8100. Port forward on UBNT M5 was set right. Problem have something to do with JSON RPC.

Solution: I used in app cam type “Generic URL” with e.g. http://… ipadress… :8102/mjpeg/0 and all started working.