Multiple Simultaneous MJPEG Feeds

I have a 16+ cameras on our server that are monitoring various manufacturing equipment and I am trying to create a central monitoring station which includes a the camera feed for all the machines in a single webpage using the MJPEG feed. Everything seems to work fine while testing with 1-6 camera feeds but if I add 7+ camera feeds they fail to load - it appears only 6 feeds will load at once. As a strange workaround, I used a different MJPEG IP address for feed 1-6 (localhost), 6-12 (, and 12-16 (192.168.x.x) and then they all work just fine with a nice framerate so I do not believe it has anything to do with server resources. Is there any explanation for this such as a single connection limit?


Hi Kason,
Thanks a lot for this interesting observation and test. There should be no limitation in NCS and I know users that use more than 6 cameras like this. However, strange things happens.
Since you use localhost, 127 and 192 the “external” web server (IIS ?) for the single webpage must be on the same computer as NCS. Since it is so distinct 1-6, 7-12 and 13+ can it be a limitation in that web server? I assume that you do not use the admin account for the MJPEG links.

Another interesting test to sort things out can be the following. Create several user accounts. User1 have access to camera 1-6, user2 have access to camera 7-12 etc. On the web page use the URLs with the same IP for all accounts (localhost, 127 or 192) but use the account for different users which will give different Tokens. I hope I am clear.

If you connect to NCS with the webb client and use Multi View for all cameras. Any problems?