MVPOWER PT100C ( not in suported list )


I have an MVPOWER PT100C ( it looks very much like DBPOWER PT100C ) and its not in the supported list.
It’s supposed to be an
Is there any known url that I can try to connect with netcam server please ?

Description from the vendor

Type: PT100C
Image Sensor:1.0MP HD CMOS Sensor
Resolution: 720P HD images, up to 1280x720,1.0MP
Resolution Variable: 720P(1280 x 720),VGA(640 x 360), QVGA(320 x 180)
Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS


They are very similar for sure. However, maybe not after all under the hood.
Have you tested to add it by the ONVIF tab? I get different info depending search. Make sure that you the latest firmware in the camera. Many manufacturers upgrade to onvif.

Have you tested existing templates for DBPOWER?

If that do not work add the camera using the Custom URL tab. This will not get you PTZ.
Set stream type to rtsp_tcp and Address to one of these 2:


Go to the configuration of the camera and chevk if port 554 is correct.

To get PTZ there is a lot more work and a template must be created for this specific camera. That´s why we recommend to buy ONVIF cameras!

Please report back how it goes!


I tried to add with ONVIF tab and custum url template that you provided.
I did not work.

onvif: no
custom url: no one of the 2 rtsp work. Did you check so port number is ok? sometimes they use 10554.
any template for dbpower: no

When you tested templates for DBPOWER, did PTZ work with any of them?

Well, then I have to think again :slight_smile: I´ll be back.

What I found strange is, netcam was able to scan and identify the camera ( using ONVIF Source, browse ).

but it could not connect

I also tested all 3 DBPOWER and none of them worked.

If you enter and pwd do you get any profiles or PTZ? Can you save?

Most likely it is not onvif. I have a D-link camera that definitely not onvif, but somehow it send out onvif commands.

It´s 7 pm here in Brasil so I am signing off. Be back tomorrow.

That camera comes under many names and people are not so happy about it. However, it should work with onvif.
Test this url also under custom url

Test the ONVIF tab again and make sure that you use correct login, no extra blanks, … if you have changed password use the original one.

Now, I am out of ideas :slight_smile:

Is it possible to setup rtcp over tcp instead of http ? and if yes how ?

Yes, you setup rtsp over tcp by setting the Stream Type to rtsp_tcp in the Custom URL.

Like here in Custom URL:
stream type: rtsp_tcp

Depending on the camera it can work with rtsp_udp.

I finally got it connected using Custom URL as follow

  • stream type : rtsp_udp
  • URL : rtsp://camera-ip:554/ onvif1

( it’s a little bit worrysome : I’m able to connect without password even though it does have a password , this is not a very good camera , I will only use it for testing )

Thanks for all your help

Thanks for the report! That needed some testing :slight_smile:
As you say it is not a high quality camera, but still very popular.
Can you connect it with onvif tab with this new information to also get PTZ?

No I could not, that’s why I asked you for help with custom URL. Thanks again

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