MVPower (VStarcam C7837WIP)

Hi, I have a MVpower branded camera, one reviewer said it is a VStarcam C7837WIP but neither are listed. I can get it working with onvif but I would like to get PTZ working.

PTZ works fine on “ONVIF device manager” & “Onvifer” so I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion, it would take a lot of time to try every PTZ camera listed and I have given up after a few hours of trying :frowning:

Onvif device manager lists the following

Manufacturer - NVSIP
Hardware - NVT-HI3518ES-7601

I can arrange a login if need so please let me know.


Hi Gareth!
There are soooo many cams on the market today so it is difficult to have all listed. Therefore, it is excellent with the ONVIF and cams that follows this standard when it comes to the URL connection string.
Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestion for listed cam that both have the correct URL and PTZ control. They are all different. To make the PTZ work these commands have to be embedded in a template. The good part is that you have the URL which I think might be
Is that correct? You can check that if you go to Custom URL.

To get the PTZ commands we need to have full access to the cam. Unfortunately, we have no access to manufacturers data so we have to find that information by testing.