NCS can separate audio and video through profile user? Dlink DCS 2132 LB1

I want record audio and video using NCS but release only video for users. Is there any way to set up this kind of permission in user configuration?

Sorry, no such checkboxes for that today.

Hello, I have a kindergarten school and I need to setup a profile for the parents only video viewers, not listener together , could you develop such checkbox ?

Hi Erico,
I have put it on a suggestion list from users. We are getting closer to NNC 2.0 and we will see what will be implemented from that list. If more users are interested in this the chanse is increasing.
Just an idea, why not set up a web page where you can embed the html code from the html code generator in NCS. There you can have only video and also login for parents.

The parents use the App, not web page for access .

But if they use the App there is only video in live stream or do they must have access to Library?

No I don’t, before I was using Mpeg, no audio, but very slow only 1Fps or even in Jpeg when I changed to H.264RSTP profile, I ve gotten 24 Fps, but I can’t disable audio! The camera is Dlink DCS 2132 LB1, how to increase Fps for this camera model, I already changed in settings in general configuration.
Suggestion: It is very good if you can make a patch to give right or not for video and audio, like
In recording the viewer profile cannot change.

Sorry, but no patches. But I don’t see the problem here. You do not want the audio at all from the camera since you tried to use jpeg. I see several solutions here.
1.continue with the rtsp as you have now. User use the App, but they do not get access to the Library. To not get access to the Library you configure in the User account in NCS. Then they have only the live camera and without audio.
2.continue with rtsp. In the configuration of the camera you can turn off the audio from the camera in the configuration as

3.Change from rtsp to mjpeg. jpeg is slow as you experienced. MJPEG is fast and can be set in the configuration of the camera as

Config for one of the streams.
In NCS use Custom URL and set stream type to mjpeg and the URL:
if you set up stream 2 to be mjpeg.

4.You have also a predefined template for this camera

If you use the template the Source is the number of the camera stream.

This should work for you. I hope :slight_smile: