NCS Client Sources Ordering

Why does NCS Client not order sources correctly. I have set up the source order in NCS Server but NCS Client appears to have a mind of its own. I have tried re-arranging the order in the client and what shows up on screen bears no relation to what I have set.
I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling NCS and it makes no difference.
Are there Client configuration files somewhere that I need to delete before reinstalling?
Also, is there any way to change the source order in NCS Mobile as I have the same issue there, even after uninstall/reinstall.

When you add the cameras in a specific order you will see that order when you click on Source Ordering at the right arrow or click on Source Selection at the left arrow. The order of the cameras are the same. This is also the order that cameras appear in the windows client, web client and in the mobile app.

When you click on Multi View top left (NCS Server and Windows client)

you also have two large arrows for left and right. With these arrows you can move the videos which one will appear first. This will not change the original ordering. Therefore the ordering of the cameras can be different between NCS Server and Clients.