NCS compatibility with Clock - spycam

Hello friends

I have an elderly person at home and I want to monitor it without the caregiver of the elderly person knowing that he/she is being monitored.
I want to buy the clock radio with camera, I’m thinking about this model: Hdlivecam 4k wi fi relógio secreto micro câmera espia ap gravador de segurança cam visão nocturna do ir movimento detectar camcorder micro câmera|Mini filmadoras| - AliExpress

Does anyone know if I can use NCS with these spy cameras

Thanks you all

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Usually these type of devices are very limited in use and they use their own proprietary Apps. However, if the camera support the ONVIF standard or if you get the correct URL to the camera you can add the camera to NCS with the tab for ONVIF Source or Custom URL, respectively.