NCS failing to reconnect to camera


I have an issue with part of my network, it randomly fails, and then reestablishes it self. Not good. All the other services that use devices reestablish connection and carry on. NCS on the otherhand does not. The NCS window for this camera is frozen and stays that way, until I disable and enable the camera in NCS. I have checked and the camera is up and running, aka I have not needed to power it off/on. I monitor my network via Nagios which also confirms the camera is up and is responding to http requests, as all my cameras are.
This looks like a bug… NCS should periodically attempt to reconnect to cameras, which it seems it does not.


Hi John,
Thanks for info.
I assume you use NCS 1.9.2
Is the camera connected with the rtsp protocol?
What cameras is it, brand and model?
If you check the Event Viewer you can see if NCS tries to reconnect.
Test to increase the Decoding Buffer in Settings -> Decoding.
Can you go back to your earlier version and check if the problem is still there?


NCS 1.9.2
Foscam FI9853EP
I have checked in both the 'system event viewer -> nothing in there to do with NCS and the NCS log file -> only has last few minutes of log entries
Decoding Buffer is already at max
Not sure when this started, would rather not go back.


Look in Event viewer in NCS. Icon in the top menu in NCS. Or in web client under System.
The log file for NCS is enabled in Settings and one of the tabs.

Looked in the Event Viewer in NCS (Client Program, not web basied), only the last 3 minutes or so of information, far any of the section, aka Debug, Warning etc…
Does not look like the save to file was enabled.

Just carried out a couple other checks, and the other camera on the same segment was in the same state, this time I noticed that log file did have comments relating to it. Looks like NCS has noticed that the camera is not responding. I still had to disable and enable it, to get it back working. The camera was a unbranded camera, using RTSP_TCP. Before disabling/enabling, I checked that the camera was alive and working, it was.


NCS discover that the connection is lost and tries to reconnect.
But, something is going wrong in the rtsp transmission so therefore the h264 encoder/decoder must be reset to start the video/audio again.

Do I take it that this will be logged as a bug.

Yes, we have to look into this. Problem is that it works fine with all cameras we test on so therefore we must have access to a camera that generate these problems.

If this is a problem test this:
If camera added by the tab for Custom URL change stream type to rtsp_udp.
If camera added by the tab for ONVIF Source change the profile and use a profile for UDP.