NCS freeze on Blob detection


@Steve I have also experienced video locking up when using motion detect, specifically when using blobdetect. In my case the camera will lock up just after an event that changes a large part of the pictures, for example when my porch lights turn off at night and the camera switches to IR. The image will get stuck and I have to edit the video source and resave to start the image and motion detect again. I do have the scheduler set to 24/7 motion detect, I am running windows 10, and have two hosafe ip cameras. Currently running version 1.5.2 but have experienced it since installing the system about a year ago. The issue will happen with either camera/source, I have reinstalled and deleted all the appdata and it continues to happen.

I have not experienced this when using FrameDetect. (I keep switching back after I upgrade hoping it would be fixed.) I have not been overly concerned because I’m running it on a fairly low power box and had chalked it up to not enough cpu since no one else had reported it on the forum.


I use blob detect 24/7 since several months on a camera that also switches to night vision every evening (so big change from color to bw).

I have never experienced a single freeze so there must be something else that explains this (computer goes to sleep sometime or is it really running 24/7)?

Can you check if there is anything in the logs or do you have a step-by-step way allowing to reproduce the issue easily ?

Do you have this with Service or Netcam Studio X ?

When freezing happens, is it only MD or does the web streams / client streams also freeze ?


Typically has just happened on one camera at a time, so dont think the computer is going to sleep or something.

I’ll just upgraded to 1.5.5 this morning so I have set it back to blob detect and gather logs once it happens again.

I have Netcam studio running as a service.
Both the web and client streams freeze and just show the last image captured. I can however access the camera directly using an onvif viewer and view the stream just fine.


You may first need to enable logging to file in the settings.

Then are you really sure that the freeze is triggered by the motion detection ? please send some screenshots (such as the last image, you say it’s exactly on a big motion change ?)


I just checked the “save event logs to file”. Is this all that is needed?

Its hard for me to say exactly what triggers it, but the last image that was displaying for a camera typically had a very similar timestamp to end of the motion detect recording.


Would be interesting trying to reproduce with Netcam Studio X as well.

Because from there we can see eventually, what would allow to make it go back in a “normal” state once it’s frozen.


editing the source and saving it in client has always resolved it for me. No need to change anything when doing so. Would you prefer I try to recreate with studio x first, or should I just get logs while running as the service first?


Let’s see the logs first. Next time it happens just post the log of the day here and we’ll see if it reveals something interesteing.


If you have a chance, please grab the latest 1.5.5 (updated right now) from here:

I have improved error handling / management around motion detection and improved a few things so hopefully either it won’t freeze anymore for you or if it still does it may provide a bit more information through NCS’s event logs.


Any news on that @jk44054?

How is 1.5.6 performing regarding this specific issue ?


Have not had it happen yet although I have not had a good test period, I had power outage longer than my UPS and also had an issue with one cameras reverting back to dhcp for some reason. Before it would take 2-3 days before it happened so I’ll continue to monitor.

Thanks for checking in