NCS keeps updating the same recordings to dropbox over and over

Im using 1.2 b02.
I have set up sync to dropbox, which now works fine with beta 2.
My library is set up to maintain 10 days of recaordings.
I now see that ncs keeps trying to upload files that are allready uploaded. This creates alot of network traffic both here at home, and out to my computers at work (they are alle synced to same dropbox account)

I understand that ncs uses dropbox API to upload to dropbox, but wouldnt it be better to just use windows file copy and let the user choose the dropbox folder in settings?

Take a look at the file name that ends with _933 and _888… The picture was an hour ago, but still when I am writing this i get notifications every 4 or 5 minutes from dropbox that those files have been updated.

@Mikhail_Burilov will have a look and come back to you with an update.


Hi! It seems there are a lot of missing files in your library. It tried to upload 10 files, but some were not uploaded and all 10 were marked as not synchronized which is not correct. I’ve fixed this issue, testing now with multiple plugins. You will get patch with next release.
I hope “E:” is not network/usb drive and files are really missing?

We cannot rely on file copy, as it will duplicate consumed space (in case of multiple sync plugins - it will consume even more).

Yes, the files are missing. I deleted them within windows explorer to try to stop the dropbox re-upload problem.

E:\ drive is a local harddrive, so its not a missing usb/network drive.

I will try your update when its ready.

Any Idea when the update is ready?

Have you tried latest 1.2.0 RC1? I think it already contains this update.