NCS login security

Hello! I’m interested in how secure the web interface login page is ??
If hackers find out my local / external IP address, can they get around the NCS login system?
Or will they launch a Ddos attack or something else, can they defend themselves from this?

Opening up to the WAN is always risky. We have no reports about this, but if someone really wants to mess things up they can probably do that. To keep communication more secure you can setup the NCS server for https/ssl as described in a guide located in the section for Guides & Tutorials.

Are there other options for improving security?

That’s what built in NCS.

Can Kaspersky improve security against hacking NCS to see cameras?

I decided to open the pptp server on my router, most likely it created encryption and also remote control of the camera, and my ip address is now always when I turn on pptp on my smartphone Or another device :slight_smile:
And I also activated Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KIS) for an additional firewall.
I’m not sure about Kaspersky, but somehow he left an attack on my ip.

/ It is resolved.

No Kaspersky can´t do that. if you like to have a more secured environment than you can do a nginx reverse proxy with authentication. than you have to get throgh that and than to the ncs. you can than use thinks like lets encrypt to get a certificat with certbot and renew it every 30 days. the other way on this secure methet is that the “app” will stop working and you can only use the browser mode. but if this is ok for you, you can use the app inside off your network and browser mode outside of the network.
anyway even if you use a reverse proxy with ssl offloading you will improve your security.

And for your information pptp is not secure its broken for years:

kind regards