Ncs logs: connection with rtsp://........... has been lost. Will try to reconnect in 500ms

hi there,

i have massive problems with my d-link DCS-935L. Picture freeze, the logs said:
ncs logs: connection with rtsp://… has been lost. Will try to reconnect in 500ms…

the webinterfaces from my cams working, an another cam-software shows my cams without problems.

whats wrong?

Hi there,
I am not sure what´s wrong, but here are some tips that might solve it. Something is blocking NCS from establish a connection to the cam.

  • the camera can only handle one connection so if several programs try to connect to the cam it will block others. So use only one program and one connection.
  • if that not helps I would delete the camera from NCS and add it again. Something might have happened to the config file in NCS.


Hi Henrik,

thank you very much! I used the “mydlink” app the same time, i deinstalled the app from my smartphone, restart my cams und now, no connection lost since yesterday evening. Wuuhh… looks great, i hope this is the problem.

thank you very much!!!

Check if the cam can deliver 2 streams. Then you can use one stream for NCS and the other for the APP. If that do not work install the NCS APP where you can see the camera live and also check the Library.

yes, it is possible, the cam supports 2 streams but i dont need mydlink, now i use the NCS App and the cams works perfect at this time, thank you very much!