NCS Started recording by itself!

I changed nothing but suddenly NCS (x64 v1.9.2.0) starts recording on all my cameras on movement. When I check settings Motion Detection is OFF… If I turn Motion Detection ON and Then OFF again it seems to stay off.
Known problem, anything I need to do here??

No, not all the cams, only two got motion detection (with button off), the one cam that had motion detection had it turned off and was not running motion detection.

Nothing we know about. Check the Scheduler for the cams.

Nope, nothing in the Scheduler. The low light flickering on one of the cams triggered continuous recording and maxed out the storage so I can’t say how long this has been going on. Guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on NCS, until now it’s been working pretty good.

It happened again this night! Motion detection on two cameras were activated! Somebody is getting access to NCS, I’m changing password NOW!

Is it always the same cameras?
Did the computer/NCS restart during nighttime?

No, no restart of computer or NCS. Seems to be the same cameras, one ip cam and one webcam. To mee it looks like somebody have gained access to NCS so I have changed username and password for the one user that has admin rights.

Chech the logfile what’s going on. You can enable it in one of the tabs n the Settings.

This is 45sec before first recording on a cam that was not supposed to record, not sure if it’s related:

Criticality Local / Server TimeStamp Source Description
19.01.2021 04:04:04.011 WebServer.ServerRequest “Failed Request for http://hovedmaskinen:8100/undefined/Json/GetCameras?authToken=undefined from
HTTP Error 404 - Not Found”

The other tabs seem to have been overwritten in lack of lines to be saved in.

Something is wrong. I recommend a clean installation of NCS How to make a clean installation of Netcam Studio I usually use a free program called Revo uninstaller that also removes the registry.
That http request comes from a computer with IP number That is a public IP number.
Here you find the complete log C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Logs