NCS "unresponsive" compared to wcXP

I am testing to port my webcamXP installation to Netcam Studio.
To do that, I have both running on my web server right now.

However, NCS seems to be quite “unresponsive” compared to the old webcamXP.
In other words, very often (i.e. nearly every time), when I enter my NCS’s URL, I get an empty browser window with the text “Loading…” in it. And quite often the NCS screen does not appear at all - until I re-enter the URL and request it once more. This happens on IE11 on Win10, Chrome on Windows 10 and on Android, stock browser on Android 4.0.4. If I enter my webcamXP URL, it appears “instantly”.

Can you confirm that NCS is “slower” than wcXP? (I don’t think so.)
Or do I have an error in my configuration? (Probable.)
Or is it possible that both installations “battle” each other? (Maybe.)

The web client of Netcam Studio is more complex and bigger than the one of webcamXP.

About 8MB vs 300kb and it will show “displaying loading…” before being fully loaded / usable.

This is the reason why it may take a bit of time the first time you load it (then it should be cached for a while and be pretty fast to load) and it’s not at all related with performance of the software.

Hi Ralf,
Just tested your configuration with NCS and wcxp running at the same time and with the same 2 cameras and that worked fine. What happens if you run only NCS. Still the same problem?

From what I understood, it’s only about Web Client is slower to load in NCS than in webcamXP…

Well, Ralf also writes the following

Yes, but no… Either there are javascripts errors which needs to be reported or network errors which also needs to be reported.

We all use Netcam Studio’s internal web server to carry and transport GB of data / streams so I doubt the problem is at this level or we would have noticed…

Sorry for confusing you, but with “NCS screen” I was referring to the web client, too.
On the other hand, opening the 64-bit client from here, takes “a lot” of time, too.
Anyway, I will do some tests and come back with my question again.
Thanks till here!

On the other end webcamXP was started to be developed in 2002 and targeting hi-ends computers until approx. 2010. The fact that it’s now very fast even on not really updated computer is normal.

Netcam Studio works differently and also is more demanding, that’s also normal.