NCS version 1390

Since I updated to NCS version 1390 (to fix webclient library video downloading), When I go to theTimeline view in the web client, I just see the following:

No video files get loaded into the view and the timeline appears empty. I also purged all the old files and reindexed, to no avail.
What might the solution be?

Hi Adam,
Yes, there is a lttle discrepancy with version 1390 and the new web client 2.0. Download ncs 1430 and it will work again.


EDIT: I found it, NVM
I also have an issue where automatic deleting of old recording is no longer working, but I will make a new post if 1430 doesn’t fix that.

Good. When you have upgraded to 1430 go to Settings and Library and make a Reindexing. The Library Manager have been completely rewritten and need a restart.