NCS web server: default user

In my NCS tests, I created a second user named “view” - to view the cameras :wink:
But whenever I go to the website, the user name defaults to “Admin”.

Is there any way to change this? I’d like to have “view” as the default name in that screen.

I use another name also and I just checked the Save Login info and it always have correct user/pwd.

First, I do not want to store credentials in the browser.

And even if I would, I’d like to have someone visiting my “cam site” FOR THE FIRST TIME that he does NOT see the “admin” name in there.

Well Mister, that information was not part of your first post! That feature is not on the menu. However, we are looking into how to improve security for NCS so how it will look like in future versions I cannot tell. Considering security maybe not even admin should be displayed as a default.

Yes, thanks, I guess, too, that “admin” should not be displayed as default.

But as a kind of “workaround”, can you tell me WHICH name actually is displayed as default?
Is it always “admin”? Or is it the first name in alphabetical order (i.a. would appear “aauser” before “admin”?)?
I will check this, but maybe you know that instantly.

No, unfortunately… even after I inserted a user named “_view”, the default name is “admin” :frowning: