Need answers before buying

I have tried Netcam Studio I’m really to purchase the 64 sources version but I have several questions I would like to get answer to please.

  1. How often is the camera templates get updated, i.e. adding additional supported cameras? Do I need to re-install the software each time or can I just input the new camera templates?

  2. When will the program allow saving recordings to a network drives? I currently have several NAS on my network. I have mapped these NAS to my PC (example, Z-drive). However, the program will not let me save directly to the NAS devices URL nor the Z-drive that is mapped on my PC. I want to off-load the recordings to another location so that if someone break-in and steal everything, including the computer the software is running on, the recording at an off-site location will be safe and, hopefully, can be used to identify the thieves.

  3. I tested an ONVIF HD camera that have 2 streams (main stream is 1080P and sub-stream is 640x480). However, the program will only display and record the sub-stream. I tried changing it to Main Stream (which the program allowed me to do), but I just get a blank display. I have several of those cameras so it is critical to me to be able to save the HD recordings.

  4. Lastly, will my license allowed me to upgrade to later version of Netcam Studio? What is my license limitation–just within the 1.x family or I can upgrade to any new releases forever?

Thanks in advance.

  1. New templates are added regularly however it often betwwen 4 to 8 weeks until they get included in new releases. In the meantime, it’s anyway possible to enter Custom Url manually in the software which normally allows to use it already even if the template doesn’t exit.

  2. Several customers are already storing in NAS, there are two options either to synchronize the local library to a NAS or it’s also possible to define the main library to a NAS using mapped drived or UNC adddress (\servername\lib). This however will not record anything when the nas is not reachable or the network down.

  3. If you have Netcam Studio 32-bit, try installing VLC 2.1.5 32-bit on the same computer (install VLC-64 bit if you use NCS-64). Our own Directshow filter is not perfect and therefore sometime there are types of stream that it cannot decode. If VLC is installed on the same computer, Netcam Studio will try to use VLC’s librairies for decoding and should be able to decode anything that VLC can decode (so almost anything).

  4. Free upgrades including major version are included for at least 1 year

Thank you Admin. I will give your suggestions #2, #3 a try tonight before purchasing.

One more question thou. If I buy the 16 sources today, if I want to upgrade it to 64 sources later, is it a full price upgrade or pro-rated (for how long)?

We do not have upgrade options at this time. We can do it manually over paypal if needed but it’s not really convenient.

Not sure if I understand the answer. If I go from 16 sources to 64 sources, do I paid $24 and get a new license file or do I have to buy the software again at $99?

Thanks for the quick replies.

Right now there is no upgrade option so if you already know that you’ll need more than 16 sources in some time then better to go for 64-sources directly.