Needs to login to Dropbox every now and then


I´ve been having a problem with Dropbox needing to login now and then. Is there a solution to this?

The error report is:
Dropbox Uploader: Error in RefreshAccountInfo
Exception Detail:Error in call to API function “users/get_current_account”: Invalid authorization value in HTTP header “Authorization”: “Bearer”. Expecting "Bearer ".

I´m using an Authentication app for two-step verification in addition to my login password. Can this be related?


Most likely. Most users use the 1-step verification with no problems. If you give me what app you use for this I can set it up and see what happens. How often do this happen and can you say something about when/how/special occasion :slight_smile:


I´m right now noticing in the error message “Invalid authorization value in HTTP header “Authorization”: “Bearer”. Expecting "Bearer "” that there is a space at the end of the expected string. Can the problem be that simple?

I´m using the Google Authenticator app at
Please have a go and see if you are getting the same error message after 1-2 weeks.


Probably a stupid question, but where do Netcam Studio comes into this?


Well, I do not understand your question fully.
The error string is cut from the Netcam Studio log and the 2-step login Window to Dropbox is created by Netcam Studio.

My guess is that the response string from Dropbox sometimes is slightly different (the space) when using 2-step login from what Netcam Studio expects.


Ok, I login to Dropbox from NCS and recordings are stored on Dropbox. Where do the Android App in the link above comes into this?


The app is for the two-step login process. Please read the Dropbox link in the first message of this thread.


Just want to inform that I had no problems with this Dropbox logout problem for about 6 weeks. Nothing changed on my side so I suspect Dropbox fixed something on their side. Keep up the good work Henrik!


Thanks! Always happy when we can blame someone else :smile: