Netcam andriod app cannot login

Sorry in advance as I am not as experienced as the fellow users I see who have posted in this forum previously but I have been using Netcam for quite a while for just personal use as I have a home camera set up to view my front door.

I have forwarded the correct port 8100 and set up a static IP. Had the app set up and logged in and working brilliantly. Never had an issue, but randomly 2 days ago when I try to login vie the Android app I get an error : "Login failed : Timeout has occurred

I’ve checked for app updates and play store shows up to date. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Also deleted my server settings and set them back up on the app, all to no avail. Is there any kind of checklist I can work through to find the cause of the issue and get it sorted.

The remote access still works via internet browser using my local IP shown in the bottom corner of the program so I’m thinking it may be an app issue although as stated i’m no expert.

Most likely an IP that’s changed. Some check points.
-make sure you didn’t enable https in the App.
-make sure that the public IP hasn’t changed.
-open browser on computer and enter http://ncs-computer-IP:8100 Working?
-do the same again, but use public IP to the router. Working?
-on smartphone open browser enter http://publc-ip:8100 Working? Make sure you combine correct IP with wifi or mobile network mode on smartphone.


Thanks for such a quick reply.

I can confirm the https option is not selected.
When using various sites to check my public IP it remains unchanged.
When using my computer browser I can access the program via the IP but not using my public IP, just fails to load.
Also fails to load on my phone with the public IP. And ofc the does not work as I believe thats just a kind of loopback IP ?

As far as I know I haven’t had any updates on windows or my phone in the last few days so it has left me confused.

Never use for this. Use the local LAN IP for the computer (probably 192.168.x.x). See Settings and Network for the computer. You didn´t test this -open browser on computer and enter http://ncs-computer-IP:8100 Working?
Most likely the port forward is done to the wrong IP.

Thank you very much. I was using the ip that was showing. But when I used the one beginning with 192.168.x.x (which was already an option in the program). It worked !