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is there any way to disable the timeout in NetCam Studio X/Server ? the reason I am asking is when the NEtCam Client in Windows is opened for
an hour or 2 then I am not able to open the motion detection videos from the library, when I double click on them then I just got VLC up but not video is running in it, then I have to close the client and open it again in order to be able to view motion detection videos.

However I am able to view the live stream from the camera if the client is up for an hour or 2 but not motion detection videos… I am not 100% sure if this is timeout related or not but for me it seems to be related since it works after reopening the client, or it can be a bug…

And on the mobile phone I am getting the message that session has timed out and I have to re-login in order to view the live video and the library videos as well… this is soooo annoying I really hates these timeouts because it is an camera monitoring and it has to be up all the time.

Is there any way to disable the timeout set it to “0” for NO timeout at all… ??
I am running NetCam Studio Server on Windows 2012 R2 as an service and then I am connecting to it from windows and android clients.

Thank you

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I will consider this as a feature for upcoming version if it seems to be an issue for multiple users.

Anyway the next version of mobile app will ask you to re-authenticate every time your launch the app if it was stopped for more than 1 minute in the next release.

Regarding Library items yes it’s due to the session timeouts. The live streams using the username / password authentication and the library items use the token (since it’s opened externally in VLC), this is why it behaves a bit differently.

Any update on this feature suggestion? I’m using NetCam to manage 5 cameras in a vertical wind tunnel. We use the web client (all sources) and in general we turn one or more cameras off and back on every 30 minutes, so often it does not register the switch because it’s timed out. A solution we have been using so far is to have another tab open with the live view single source, but it would be nice to avoid this.

Best regards
Rune Aspvik

Hi Rune,
No this has not been implemented yet and so far not discussed, sorry. But, now you are two users that are interested which is 100% more than before.

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Hi Henrik,
I also ask to implement a programmable timeout for web

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