Netcam Crashes after recording

Hello, i have a problem with Netcam Studio

  1. i start Netcam Studio
  2. it has a IP-camera and Motion Detection Setup
  3. when i run into the camera it starts recording a video
  4. when the recording is finished Netcam Studio closes.

anyone got a clue what could be happening here?

No idea. If it’s heen working before it’s probably an update from windows that messed up. The fast way is usually to do a clean installstion, see in section for guides & tutorials for informstion.
If the Library is on a network storage like a NAS, windows must be logged in to the NAS and credential saved for it to work.

Thanks i tried that bu after deleting all files and reinstalling i still had my camera setup so i suppose it didnt go as planned and thecrash is still there.

Then you didn’t follow instructions. All setups and configurations should be gone.

i deleted it after this

i even searched the registery and for files containing netcam moonware or NCS but its still keeping the data somewhere…

Install NCS and if you still have the old configurations of cameras then use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode or similar program to remove it all.

got revo uninstaller, he removed everything but after reinstall all the ip camera data was still saved and it still crashes hmm…

Sorry, but no idea. Maybe you have two versions saved for some reason?