Netcam not working

Once again, forgive my poor english.

I’m getting this error every time I start netcam service.

I have netcam 16 sources license, 4 cameras. Computer is Core i5 8 gb Ram, Windows 10 with all updates.
This computer is dedicated to netcam.

It seems that you have configured NCS to receive JPG files from the cameras. According the the error above the stream that the cameras sends is not jpeg
How do you connect the cameras?
What cameras do you have?
Go to the tab for Custom URL. There you can set stream type. If the URL in the Address filed starts with rtsp set the stream type to rtsp_tcp.
If the URL starts with http set the stream type to MJPEG.

ok, but there is a problem. when I start the service, I get this error on netcam client and service stops.
Using netcam X, it crashes when I open it, so I can’t access any configuration.

Stop NCS.
Go to this folder

The folder ProgramData might be hidden so you need to change it to visible in the Control Panel.
Delete the file Server.config.
Start NCS X, blue icon, and add the cameras correct with ONVIF Source or via Custom URL if you have the correct URL.

i had to set to rtsp_udp, but everything working now!!!

thank you!!!

all my cameras are from china :joy: :joy:

but they have a good image quality and they are cheap. :rofl:

thank you!!

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