Netcam service stops sometimes

First, forgive my poor english.

I’m running netcam studio as a service on Windows 10. This computer is a Core i5 8 GB ram and it’s dedicated to netcam and I have 3 cameras, but only record 2 of them. I have no other software running on it.

Netcam client runs on another computer and, sometimes, I notice that the image, on all cameras, is “frozen”.

Everytime that happened, netcam services was stopped and I just can’t start it. I need to restart my computer. If I just try to start the service, it doesn’t work

How often does this happen? Is the service set to Automatic start after computer restart? When this happen go to Windows Event Viewer as shown below and you should find Netcam Studio there as an error. Read below why it stopped.

It can be something from the cams that make it freeze. Are the cams connected with rtsp och http?
Since you only have 3 cams I would just do a clean installation as from here How to make a clean installation of Netcam Studio
Before you install NCS again make sure that WIndows is completely updated.

I found 6 erros

they are all the same and, it seems, the problem is this dll: igd10iumd64.dll.

I read somewhere this dll is part of Intel HD Graphics Drivers. So I will try to update my graphic driver.

Thank you for your help

Good job there Sherlock :slight_smile:
Netcam Studio use the graphics so hope that helps. If you use hardware acceleration it definitely use the GPU.
Aha, Portuguese-Brazil. I am in Fortaleza just now. Your English is much better than my Portuguese :slight_smile:

I was using hardware acceletarion. I’m changed it.
Are you in Fortaleza? Never been there but I know it’s a nice place.

By the way, about the mobile app… Is the any plan to make it compatible to android tv?

and thank you for your help.

Yes I am in Fortaleza. A nice city in the north, but very warm :slight_smile:
No plan for android TV. However, you should have a web browser in the TV. So use that and connect to Netcam Studio with http://computerIP:8100

yes, there is a web browser.

Thank you!!

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