Netcam Studio 1.1.0 RC2

We are pleased to share with you Netcam Studio 1.1.0 RC2.

It contains some important changes and requires testing over long periods to ensure that it is as stable as the previous versions. We will consider it as stable if it runs non-stop for 14 days in a row …

It doesn’t use VLC or our Directshow filter anymore meaning that it relies only on the new internal encoder / decoder and this is why it has to be tested really well before replacing the exising 1.0.6 version.

This version removes some limitations and should improve performances, the 64-bit version now has full RTSP support and you won’t face issues depending on which version of VLC is installed anymore.

By default streaming and recording is done at 25fps. Streaming supports multiple sessions in parallel while not using so much resources (encoding the stream only once) and it opens the way for allowing streaming through the upcoming Netcam Studio Central in a couple of weeks.

Another new and interesting feature is the new virtual Zoom, Pan & Tilt that you can activate using the MouseWheel.

The lead developer is away until end of April, therefore we won’t push a new version with such important changes to Production right now and this is why 1.0.6 is still available.

Feel free to use this topic if you find or experience issues with this version but do not use this thread for questions on how to setup.

Download here: (32-bit) (64-bit)

Please note that some settings are not compatible with 1.0.6.

You may want to backup your 1.0.6 Setting first by making a copy of C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Server.config

Updated to 1.1.0 RC2 on April 6th 7AM CET following a crash which has been identified and hopefully fixed. It also fixes the reported issue related to broken JPEG Streams.

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RC1 has crashed on one test system after 4 days. The reason has been identified and hopefully fixed. If you experience the same on your end, please uninstall RC1 and give a try to RC2.


I upgraded to the RC version this morning. What I have immediately found, is that the picture quality is not what it used to be?

I can tell easily, as I have the camera’s datestamp the time and date in the video. This was very clear prior to the upgrade, but is now very blurry, and the time/date is not readable? The general picture quality is also lower than it was.

In the settings, I actually have the settings set to the default (Did a complete uninstall, then reinstalled).

Any thoughts? is there something that I have to change?

Thanks in advance.

In the settings under Client Settings, there is a checkbox called : “High Quality Rendering”

This allows to enable anti-alias or not. Enabling it will look better but consume a bit more CPU, this is why it’s disabled by default (it used to be enabled by default).

This doesn’t change how the software behaves or the quality of the recordings, it’s only the display that is altered.

Is there some way I can send you an email/Private message with some additional detail and video samples?

Video samples you can try to post link here otherwise you can contact email support.

I am getting an “avEncoder already initialized” error daily. I am clicking on “Send Error Report” so hopefully the report gets to you from Windows. When this happens about 1/2 the streams freeze when watching them from a remote web browser. As soon as I click “send report” the program closes and when I re-open it everything is back up and running again.

Can you please quickly summarize your configuration? Number of cameras, enabled features, are there other errors following this one? Thanks

Yes, I have received the error report, since it’s a native error not much more details however I can see exactly where in the code it occurs.

Can you try to download this file:

unzip and replace it in c:\program files (x86)\Netcam Studio ?

If it still occurs, please upload the latest log file (located in C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server) so that I can see a bit the behaviour of the software just before the problem.

I just copied the file and will monitor over the next day or so. I’ll report back soon. thanks.

after copying that file and rebooting the machine I can no longer login to remotely view cameras. I can get to the login screen but when I click “login” I see the correct screen flash for a moment then go back tot he login screen. I also have no sources listed in the Netcam Studio Server software any more.

I opted to uninstall Netcam Studio altogether last night and reinstall it again. I installed the 64bit version this time and setup my sources again. It seems to be more stable now but I will continue to give updates over the next few days. Thanks.

Since i updated to the new version my image quality had dramatically changed. I enabled high quality recordings in my settings, however i can’t even read the time stamp at the bottom.

For the image quality, it’s not related to recording quality settings (which is suggested to leave on default values).

It’s coming from the downscaling. Try to disable the resolution downscaling for recording for the sources and you should have great image quality.

Update on my side with this 1.1.0 RC2: It has been working flawlessly on my test system while I was travelling for 3 weeks. It has recorded thousands of videos and the computer did never restart so I believe that it can be considered as stable.

The development was anyway still ongoing since I’m not alone working on this project so I will review the changes and continue to work on it as well.

Stay tuned for an official 1.1.0 soon.

Hi. I have RC2 running on my system at home. I just purchased my second license because I’m so pleased with the product. That said, I’m having an issue. I have a total of 10 IP cameras (7 HD, 3 SD) and I have NCS setup to record sources 0-7 24 hours a day. To set this up I used server and clicked the “Source Selection” dropdown (second from the left) then one camera at a time from that list. I then right clicked on the stream and selected “Scheduler” and then “Record” and clicked the block on the top left of the grid to select all days and hours. I clicked the green check and moved to the next source. I did this for sources 0-7 and they all show the red area around the stream as if they are recording. I have the system setup to record each file to a folder on my desktop for 10 minutes then start a new file for each camera. Here’s the issue; when I go to the folder I used for the library I can see a file started for each stream but sources 0-2 and 5-7 are not able to play back and are very small in size (as if the record started but something happened and broke the record process). Sources 3 and 4 are the only ones that seem to record for the full 10 minutes then start a new file. I tested this overnight last night by restarting the machine and launching NCS. Everything seems to start correctly but after 10 minutes only 3 and 4 will start a new file. This continued all night into this morning. When I checked NCS all 8 sources still show the red area as if they are recording but there are no playable files for 0-2 and 5-7. If I click the red X to close NCS and relaunch it all sources appear to start to record but again, after 10 minutes only 3 and 4 will start new files while 0-2 and 5-7 are not able to playback. I stream these cameras ALL DAY from my office on a monitor near my desk and they never fail so I know the streams are working fine from each source. My processor load averages at about 55% and for some reason the HDD shows 0% in NCS (my other system shows 0% too but records all sources just fine). Any ideas? Thanks!

Is your NCS instance accessible over internet (could I connect to it using NCS client from my location) ?

It would allow me to review it and its logs.

Recording + streaming constantly 10 sources is probably already intensive (especially with HD sources). In case of errors, the logs in ncs event viewers should be quite explicit in most cases to understand what is going wrong. Just for testing, try reducing the recording frame rate to 5 fps and see if the problem also occurs in this case.

You can also send the logs to the support mailbox (or upload them somewhere) so that I can go through.


Yes. I sent you a PM with login info and my IP for you to connect remotely. I already move at 4fps for recording. I had this exact same setup and config going on my other machine with the same specs with no issue. Only 8 of the 10 sources are setup to record. I get an error at NCS Server start for the sources in question that says “Exception in Encoder.FileEncoder.WorkerThread() > Write Loop” I also see a “Exception in TimerMemoryBitmapRefresh” error happen twice but I don’t think that’s related to the record issue. Thanks!

Is the detail of the error reporting something like:

Bitmap size must be the same size than the size during opening of the video ?

I think I have managed to reproduce the issue. When it occurs you cannot stop recording manually neither and have the message recording for more than 1:00:00 occuring in loop ?

Now that I have managed to reproduce I can look forward to fix, if you can please confirm it’s similar to what you encounter.

I sent you a message but yes, the error is below. I too am unable to stop the recording yes.

Exception in Encoder.FileEncoder.WorkerThread() > Write Loop
Exception Detail:Bitmap size must be of the same as video size, which was specified on opening video file.