Netcam Studio 1.1.8 / 1.1.9 Stability - Do you encounter crashes?

We have the feeling that the software became very stable after 1.1 RC2 but furthermore with the different fixes that solve specific issues afterward

Our test systems run flawlessly for weeks without rebooting or crashing. We know that when using more than 8-10 cameras using the 32-bit version crashes can still occur due to lack of memory (and therefore it’s required to move to the 64-bit version so that NCS can benefit more memory).

Can you please report here if you are experiencing any random crash of NCS or the OS while using it (or on the other end if it works well).

Even if it runs well, please report for how many days you’ve got it running without problems / restarting it and if you use the 32 or 64 build, the X or Service version as well as your operating system / language.

Stability is our priority and is critical for a product like Netcam Studio, therefore your feedback is important.

For webcamXP it took us several years to get there and for Netcam Studio it also hasn’t always been the case during the development / beta period.

There are always cases here and there that it will not work on everybody’s computer or not with all the existing cameras in the world therefore it is not the topic, please do not use this thread to report whatever bug or issue. It is only about stability.

Good idea. We usually only “complain” ;).
I am running 2 NCS for many many weeks and never had the need for reboot or a crash.

  1. NCS 64-bit Service version on a Win 2008 server 4 GB (virtual machine on a HP ProLiant E3 and ESXi 5) . Yes, a beta version. As long as I do not restart is runs. It is my reference! It has been running constantly since the beta was released and how long that is I do not know, but many many weeks. It runs with motion detection for 8 cams. Server CPU says usually around 55%. The problem here is that Server 2008 was only configured with 1 virtual processor. It should have been 2 to be correct.
  2. NCS 1.1.8 64-bit Service version on win 7 64-bit with an i3 processor and 4GB of RAM. It runs with motion detection for 10 cams. Since this is my experiment machine I have updated the NCS when new updates arrive, but I have never had a crash or something and it runs very well. The Server CPU says usually around 30%.
    I am using the system for surveillance in a Pousada i Brazil.
    If you have any question feel free to ask. Regards, Henrik.